‎”Because it’s ugly,” whinge the pedants. But it’s only ugly because it’s new and you don’t like it. Ugly in the way Picasso, Stravinsky, and Eliot were once thought ugly, and before them, Monet, Mahler, and Baudelaire.

Stranded on a Deserted Island


Alan: Is this the famous island where all the men got stranded for ages, and one of them had to go walking for like eight months to find help?
Jimmy: Oooh, is it “The Island of Reluctant but Inevitable Homosexuality?” I think I recognize it from a school trip that went horribly wrong.
Stephen: “Lord of the Undone Flies?”

omg i can’t right now #this is a jimmy carr appreciation blog 

"So, freedom of speech becomes more important than justice, which to us is preposterous, because, for us, being just to people is the first end, if you like, of a state to be a just state. Not for it to be free state, but for it to be a just state, and freedom is quite a good way of getting there."

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