eric nehr’s homage to egon schiele fashion shoot

Jean-Baptiste-Camille CorotParis, February 1848

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Paris, February 1848

Adolphe-Pierre Leleux
"le mot d’ordre", 24 février 1848

"grantaire clings to life through fanatical devotion to enjolras, his personal raft of the méduse"


→ Charles Baudelaire: ❝I have not found among the landscape painters the supernatural beauty of the landscapes of Delacroix nor the magnificent imagination which flows through the drawings of Victor Hugo. I speak of his drawings in India ink, for it is too evident that in words our poet is the k i n g of landscape painters.” 

→ Théophile Gautier: ❝M. Hugo is not only a poet but a painter, and a painter whom Louis Boulander, Camille Roqueplan and Paul Huet would not disown as their brother. When he is travelling he sketches everything that strikes him. The contour of a hill, the lace-work outline of the horizon, a strange cloud-form, a curious detail in a door or window, a ruined tower, an antique belfry — these are his notes; then in the evening, at the inn, he retraces his outline with a pen, shades it, colors it, strengthens it, and gives an effect; and so the rough sketch, often drawn on the crown of his hat in a shaky diligence, becomes a drawing very like an etching, and of capriciousness and savor which surprise artists themselves.”

→ And yet, when a stranger who had seen Sardanapalus referred to Delacroix as the ‘Victor Hugo of painting’, the artist responded, ‘You are mistaken, Sir, I am a pure c l a s s i c i s t.’

Cao Hui | [x]

I think artists really want to play god more than anything else, and will stop at nothing to construct a truth that validates the self.”

Anonyme asked:
"really loose and sort of paint-y? the colors seem kind of washed-out and i like that and sometimes you don't use definite lines and that makes it have this really free feel and i kind of love it /3\ it's more like you capture motion and feeling than definite concrete shapes"

aH anon „„ this means a lot let me just spill i really love u ok

like i love lineart i obsess over it to unhealthy degrees all the time


see this shit???? like everything had to be like this for me

and i could never “”sketch”” bc i wanted everything to be polished and one day i made this offhand comment about how i hated the way my art looked when it wasnt “”finished” and then a kind stranger said they liked the way my figures were messy suggestions and i just

like this was in 8th grade and it really rerouted my whole art education bc up to that point i was one of those stupid idiots who believed in hyperrealism being The Pinnacle Of Artistic Calibre etc and i referred to impressionism as lazy art (lol w/e i still think it is that way

wow basically a reflection of me as a person anal and very rigid about art and then i realized it was ok to be loose and gestural and figural and (actually what the fuck im still very uptight

you brought back good memories i really love you thank you a lot!!!!

Branding the Presidents of the United States by Meg Jannott

As part of her 44 Days of Design project, Meg decided the Presidents of the United States of America were seriously lacking in some clever branding, designing logos and appropriate slogans for each. It’s still ongoing, so stay up to date and keep a lookout for your favorite Prez (William Howard Taft, baby, come on…!) at her tumblr: brandingtheuspresidents

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Laurtiz Tuxen, Male Nude in the Studio of Bonnat, 1877


Laurtiz Tuxen, Male Nude in the Studio of Bonnat, 1877

Famous artists dissected for MASP art school by artist DDB Brazil

the “earth” without “art” is just “eh”

the “earth” without “art” is just “eh


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