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—>bookmarks ($3)

—>keychains ($3 each)


doctor who

—>keychains ($3 each)

tenth doctor

eleventh doctor

amy pond


my little pony


—>buttons ($3 each)

—>charms ($5??? each)

—>keychains ($3 each)

—>stickers ($2)




bookmarks are $3 each!! they’re laminated. 

the following mini-prints are $4 (they’re about 4” x 6”)

yoko mini-mini print and france stationary. i-i i don’t know what to price these.

keychains $3 each. i ran out of cas! )’:

big keychains $4 …………….kaka

suki is ready for her close up

pokemon sticker! it’s around 3” x 4”. $2

the only buttons i have left. $3 each


commissions are $10 per figure (sketch chibi and sketch normal). i’ll be open for them soon, since i need to finish the late con ones. 


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listening to: wicked
working on: animation short

anime expo 2014 | currently in boston