cactuscobain asked:
"Hello! Are you still doing keychain commissions or only regular art commissions?"

Hi! I’m opening up queues for both, although I won’t start sending out PayPal billings and working on the orders until June. (-:

  1. The link for the sketch art commission form is here.
  2. The link for the keychain commission form is here.
Anonyme asked:
"Would you consider making any of your Les Mis sticker designs into keychains for sale?"

huh, yea, i will! since theyre premade designs, keychains will be $5/pop and ~1.75 inches in height. shipping/handling would be ~$1.50 domestic and ~$2.50 international.

if youre interested, please email me at BONTMERCY@GMAIL.COM with:

  1. the design (available here)
  2. your PP account (so i can send the invoice)
  3. your address

ill open these les mis sticker design keychains temporarily for today only (theyll be available again in a few weeks after ive settled down — im in the process of a lot of moving)

this is so i can get them made today and mailed out asap as well!!!

god yea thank you guys so much for your patience & support!!!!!!!

Anonyme asked:
"excuse me would you mind terribly if i commissioned a ship i am 9000% sure you don't ship :'c"

of course not!!! I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY i exist 2 serve!!! valar dohaeris

Anonyme asked:
"hello susan b! do you ship internationally for commissions?"

yes! here’s the commissions page i have set up for now (it’s a skeleton; i’m revamping everything after finals week is over)!

i dont have a set price for international shipping because it varies, but it’s usually between $3.00 to $6.00?

i ship usps (first class) with a letter envelope, usually the weight is no more than 0.6 oz

thanks for asking! *:°・☆ヾ(δ_δ。)

Anonyme asked:
"Do commissions mean the person who requested it paid for you to draw it?"

(   ˘  ³ ˘ )♥ ゚+。:.゚ a commission (in art) is where you pay an artist to draw you something of your choice


my dad walked in the room with a letter and asked, “who is susan????” aND I PEED MY CHILDREN CAME omf„,i commissioned susan for daenerys targaryen and enjolras keychains and they’re so cute screams and also i got a really cute letter i (marina and the diamonds heart) yosb. i put them on my bedroom mirror„,i don’t know if i want to put them anywhere else they deserve better than 2 be on my backpack and be forced into dirtyass highschool. my mom called them “coolio”„„anywaY THANK YOU SUSAN COMMISSION YOSB 

( (ミ´ω`ミ)) i love u


oh no they’re here…………

I got my two wonderful keychain commissions from yosb aND SHE EVEN INCLUDED A CUTIE PICTURE AH… she also wrote my name in super fancy lettering I’ve honestly never felt classier buying keychains of fictional dead boyfriends

moral of the story commission yosb

(シ_ _)シ i love u

commission for veneratedenjolras | yosb

→ enjolras and his maman reading the parable of the unforgiving official and the unmerciful servant

❰❬ commissions ✍ open · closed


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