• friend: ohkay so i started watching this show called GCB, good christian bitches/belles, and its awkward as fuck and set in dallas and basically terrible
  • but kristen chenoweth is in it and idk i was on a plane, beggars cant be choosers
  • but basically i found the model relationship that you should base your future marriage endeavours off of
  • its this like business tycoon power couple that has one kid, but like the husband is definitely definitely gay
  • so the wife and husband are like besties. they fist bump. when the husband's boyfriend/ranch foreman leaves, the wife is like "he's an idiot, he'll never find another man like you... you know, for a boss."
supernatural summarized in a gif.

supernatural summarized in a david mitchell gif:

supernatural summarized in a supernatural gif:

Questions You Wish You Could Ask…


Sera Gamble, or Bed Edlund, or any of the other big decision makers on the production crew of Supernatural.

Specifically regarding season 6. My cohorts and I are writing an article about questions we wish we could have asked at the spn panel in Hall H at Comic-Con last month. Please reblog with questions!

Some of the things we’re already going to write about include:

  • The Weapons of Heaven. What, uh.. What happened with them? Just… not an issue any more? What?
  • Adam. He’s.. He’s still in the cage, right? …Why? “The importance of family” is one of the most major themes of the show. And they never even discussed going back for him.
  • JIMMY. Sweet, baby Jesus, the poor man is now the vessel for *God*, and host to all of the souls of purgatory. Is anyone going to have mercy on him?

So, reblog with your questions! Any finicky detail, loose end, or major plotpoint that just bugged you. No issue is too big or small. 

i am one of those cohorts. i am currently writing about hell.

probably just going to end up throwing my laptop at the wall.

natalie and i are the best writers when we’re angry. i think it’s a texas thing. 


i am hurrying on over to my friend’s house and we are going to marathon spn !!!
oh we will marathon spn so hard

i am hurrying on over to my friend’s house and we are going to marathon spn !!!

oh we will marathon spn so hard

Jared & Jensen in Chicago: The Texan Accent, Y’all






i say we have a massive skype party



with our matching shirts and underwear

I’ll get to work on those shirts.

idk if Texas Two Stitch will print on panties though.


no but seriously can we get bedazzled cowboy hats and boots


watching: les revenants
reading: a world of ice and fire
next convention: ctn expo | los angeles
working on:

dreamworks animation intern | ctn expo | currently in los angeles