theflyingmacabre asked:
"It's useless to ask this anon because, well, I just followed you but I'd just like to say that I've been (for lack of a better word) stalking your articles on the dallas morning news site and I wanted to let you know that I honestly look up to you. I can only dream of being able to express myself as eloquently as you do. You're so talented and intelligent. (and I love your art - a little birdie told me that you made the cute dw keychains hanging on Ms. Whitten's board)"

aww thank you

Anonyme asked:
"Have you chose your Harvard courses yet!?"

i don’t get to choose my courses until september 4th - shopping period, woo

Anonyme asked:
"how are you spending your summer before college?"

working on being a better person lol

Anonyme asked:
"do you have a goodreads account?"


Anonyme asked:
"How did you meet the dalai lama"

long story short

Anonyme asked:
"did you really meet the dalai lama or are you shitting me because at this point I expect this from you and your amazing life"

i did

i don’t know

how else to respond to this 

  • friend: ohkay so i started watching this show called GCB, good christian bitches/belles, and its awkward as fuck and set in dallas and basically terrible
  • but kristen chenoweth is in it and idk i was on a plane, beggars cant be choosers
  • but basically i found the model relationship that you should base your future marriage endeavours off of
  • its this like business tycoon power couple that has one kid, but like the husband is definitely definitely gay
  • so the wife and husband are like besties. they fist bump. when the husband's boyfriend/ranch foreman leaves, the wife is like "he's an idiot, he'll never find another man like you... you know, for a boss."

watching: les revenants
reading: a world of ice and fire
next convention: ctn expo | los angeles
working on:

dreamworks animation intern | ctn expo | currently in plano